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Online Magazines

  • Entrihub chats to Tanaka (General) Mutakwa, Founder of #NoDaysOff. Tanaka talks about online magazines (Part 1).

    Question 1: Why have an online magazine?

    Tanaka: I'd say an online magazine or an online presence is a place basically where your audience can find out about you and you've got a way to push out valuable information or valuable content for your audience. The way online works if someone receives something of value they can basically copy that link and share it across and it can literally go viral; exposing your brand to more and more people could be part of your audience or join the brand's following so it's great. You may be selling a hard product like t-shirts or anything but it's great to actually have an online presence like an online magazine and post content of value for people to actually share across and like that brings in more people to brand. I think at the end of the key part of the online magazine would be sharing the content of value that can be shared across the internet and basically could grow your community or followers.

    Question 2: What should I consider when setting up an online magazine?

    Tanaka: When you're setting up an online magazine very similar to setting up a brand yourself. The first thing you need to figure out is what is the online magazine's purpose, what type of audience are we trying to reach, because from there you can define the content you should build up for them. Then you need to see how can I build content of value that's basically going to last a long time and can be shared across by your audience. The key part always being like always trying to provide value as much as possible to your audience. Obviously, when you're getting to implementation of an online magazine one of the first things you run into is what technology should I use? This is easy if you are if you've got a bit of a tech background to figure out that I can roll out something like a WordPress or any content management system. A lot of people are not from a tech background so my suggestion would be obviously again to go and research and like what checks out there ideally if you can even learn how to use some of the tech systems. The best way to do it is to find a person from it the tech field ask them for advice if you can get them to actually help you to build the site even better. That sort of solves the tech problem, which is one of the key barriers and then once that's done. It's just basically how do I what's the look and feel of the magazine, how do I want people to read the content or receive the content that you're setting up. Following on from there the next big challenge is how do you actually grow your community, how do you grow a community of readers your followers that come across the site. The first piece of advice I'll give theirs it's a long game so it's not going to happen very quickly and still gonna happen fast. You actually want to be patient eventually there are going to be articles and content that gets shared that brings in a lot of people but what you want to do is be consistent. Post at a set schedule people prefer to read stuff that they know is always going to come through. Make sure it's always content of value so that people actually want to read it and share it. There's there are techniques you can use such as email marketing and stuff to actually grow your community and get more people to sign up and provide value for them.

    Question 3: What technology is available for online magazine creation?

    Tanaka: When setting up your own online magazine we are in a better place now than we were maybe 10 years ago. Someone without a tech background can actually sit down and research for a couple of weeks or days and roll something out on their own WordPress for example is free except obvious if you wanna run it on your own domain or get some hosting of your own. You have to pay that cost but setting it up and using it is actually very easy for someone who's computer illiterate and can use basically as a basic understanding of how to use like word processors and stuff. There are other free tools out there that you can roll out. I was using the example, my brother, he's not from a really like tech background but he rolled out his own websites and stuff so it is a challenge but it's possible. Again, like I mentioned getting help from someone there's a lot of tech people around on a chat and what should I do or what should I use or just asking online you can get that that helps for you. The other piece of advice I give is I wouldn't really focus too much on getting the tick to like write or like making the site look too good because the key part is of contents value that you have. If something is really valuable it doesn't matter if it's like written on paper you know with a pen. If someone reads it and provides ready that's valuable content. There are websites out there that have completely blank no images or anything just texts and have got millions of followers and other things like other websites like Craigslist and stuff that's are really classifieds that are plain. The design is still like the old 95 styles but the site's got millions of users. Focus on the value and yes you want to get the tech, okay but then that's not what brings people to it's the value. It's the content you provide does it really make a difference in their life at the end of the day.