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  • Entrihub chats to Tashinga Mutakwa, Founder of GreenBack Media Group. Tashinga talks about why he started his business and what’s next for Greenback Media.

    Question 1: Why did he start the business?

    Tashinga: I started by following the passion firsthand then with anything that you do that involves money you kind of need to put a name on it, and with the industry that I'm in or the space that I'm in you had to you have to kind of have a brand that's attached to something. Through that, the business thing got birth out of that. I guess it was always a passion decision again. I keep giving that answer but then there's an industry that a lot of the things that you do are based on passion because when I start again when I started it wasn't really about the budgets or anything. I did a lot of things for free which generally happens in our industry. I did a lot of things for budgets that aren't really workable. I did a lot of things for exposure and I know up to now with the same people who are trying to push to say exposure doesn't pay the bills. If I was to give advice to anyone who is starting out in this industry the same thing I'll tell them is to go out there and do as much as you can for exposure because at the end of the day that's how you learn. I started it. I follow the passion and in the business just grew on that.

    Question 2: Any other advice?

    Tashinga: I'll say just go for it. Try and find any sort of contact details that you can. The chain of how I ended up in the celebrity space actually started because I inbox someone on their Facebook page like five times until they replied and I didn't know they were famous. At that time I was trying to get her to collaborate with one of the artists I was managing in terms of music. When I hit up she never replied, like three times, four times, and the fifth time she was like listen, I told I live in Kenilworth she's like I'll be in Claremont tomorrow. I'll give you like 30 minutes to come and tell me what you want to do and we'll do it, like cool so I get there and I'm like I need you to collaborate with my artist. Then she's like okay but the kind of music that I'm working with right now through Germany. I can't really collaborate with anyone at the moment. I was just like do you want music video and then she was like not really at the moment but I am performing at Kirsten Bosch in a few weeks if you want to shoot that. I was like okay cool she actually started out by paying. She didn't pay me, she paid for the camera equipment and I didn't know that her Kirstenbosch performance was opening for Toya Delazy and this is the time when Toya was pretty big. While we were backstage just before Toya went on and then came back. She was just like can you fill my performance and I was like cool and I shot that. I sent it to her and she followed me on Twitter we started talking a bit and since then I've done a couple of jobs for her. A lot of it just started out from a Facebook message or a couple of Facebook messages that I sent out. I think the advice would be to try and find any contact details, Facebook page, the manager's number, the booking agent number, try and find a friend who knows a friend who knows a celebrity, go to events. Go to an event when the celebrities offstage and he's trying to go to a seat or something just approaching be like listen I do videos here's my card or can I take a manager's number. I'll say go for it you have to your kind of have to be an extrovert about it and you kind of have to you know be that awkward guy that tries too hard sometimes, especially at the beginning.

    Question 3: What’s next for Greenback media?

    Tashinga: At the moment we've started moving on to TV presenters and radio presenters again because we realized that it's a space that people aren't manipulating in Cape Town. A lot of our radio presenters and TV presenters don't have management or don't know that they need it. That's the reason we've gone into their space is that we saw the gap but in terms of where I feel like I'd want to go I think I really want to go into sports management. There's a lot of money there and I just feel like I love sports. It's a good combination.