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Growing Your Social Media Following

  • Entrihub chats to Lesley Mallon about the importance of social for SMEs. Lesley also addresses how to grow your social media following.


    Question 1: How do you grow your following?

    Lesley:  I'm a big believer of organic growth. I like organic growth. Organic growth is something where people hear about you via social media platforms. If you are giving people good content you're naturally going to get people liking and sharing and commenting which will grow your base organically. You can do a lot of boosting, you can pay for likes on your page, again I use example of coca-cola. Everybody likes coke, from a two-year-old child they can have a sip of coke, to an old 80 year old granny, to a cyclist, to somebody who lives in Bishop's Court, to somebody who maybe lives in Khayelitsha. It's a brand that pretty much everybody likes, so paying for likes on cokes page is quite normal because it's such a wide variety of people that you're going to capture. If you've got a very niche product you need to make sure that the people that are liking your page are potential customers. That's where going into audience interaction, actually defining your audience, who your target market is male or female, those type of elements come into place when you are boosting for likes or sending people to your website because you really want to especially for small to medium businesses. You really want to make sure that you're getting the most of the money that you're spending on social media but again I'm a massive fan of organic growth. I think that that's the best way to go and I think that if you're offering really great content you will naturally just start growing organically. It might take a little bit longer but you're going to get the right type of people, liking your products liking your business page, interacting with your business page and from the right people interacting that's where you're going to get people that like or follow you because of your product and they are potential customers.

    Question 2: What is boosting?

    Lesley: Boosting is when you have posted something to your business page and I'm going to specifically talk about Facebook at the moment. Say you have a product special on at the moment and you want to boost that to people outside of the likes of your business page. I'm just going to use random numbers here so you have a thousand people that like your Facebook page and you want to boost that to people who don't like your Facebook page. It is something that is paid for. You also create an audience, you create a target, whether you're going to appeal to men or two women, what areas you're going to appeal to, what do they like. A lot of people always say to me we want to boost two CEOs of companies and I said to people think about what a CEO of a company would like, what are the interests, because that's what Facebook looks for when you boost posts. Say for instance you wanting to go to somebody who is a CEO of a company, golf is an interest, mountain biking is an interest, maybe wine is an interest, restaurants are an interest. You've got to actually look at the person and the type of person that you're wanting to appeal to and that is what the interests come from boosting. Boosting is also you're only allowed 20 percent text on your actual image which is obviously sometimes difficult because a lot of small to medium companies tend to want to boost their flyers. Facebook will reject that ad because they don't want advertising. They want good content so just be aware of that your advert might be rejected if there's more than 20% text. Facebook has a lovely way of being able to just find out whether there's more or not, so that's a little bit more about boosting.