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Full Time Student and Part Time Entrepreneur

  • Entrihub chats to Tashinga Mutakwa, Founder of GreenBack Media Group. Tashinga talks about being a full-time student and a part-time entrepreneur.

    Question 1: Who is Tashinga Mutakwa?

    Tashinga: My name is Tashinga Mutakwa. I run a media company called Greenberg Media Group. We deal with event management, talent management, and visual content creation.

    Question 2: What are the challenges in starting your own business when being a full-time student?

    Tashinga: I think the main challenges of starting a business while you're studying is time and setting priorities because at the end of the day you are studying to set up your future but you're really starting your future in advance. It's pretty much knowing exactly what you should be doing at what time. I guess trying to balance the two is the main challenge. I'd say how I managed to do it was limit a bit of my social life to make sure that I stay in both.

    Question 3: Did you feel like you had enough experience to start a business although you were a student?

    Tashinga: Six years later I still don't think it's about the experience of starting a business per se. I think it was more about following my passion and following exactly what I wanted to do. When I started it I knew I wanted to do it for money but it was more of you know what this is what I want to do I want to make music videos, I want to create visual content so I'm just gonna do it. I remember my first music video budget was 300 grand and to think that coming from that there to where we are now it's huge. I think it's not it wasn't the case of did I have enough experience to start a business it was a case of did I want to do what I was doing. I think even up to now I mean I never studied anything business-related or anything with maths or anything so at the end of the day when it comes to the business side of things I'm still learning I still get advice from different people who actually do that. In terms of being ready to just follow your passion, I think I was really at that time already.